Dolphin Browser For PC

Dolphin Browser For PC Windows 10 {32/64bit} Application Full Download

Dolphin Browser For PC Windows {32/64bit} & MAC  Full Download

Today Everyone has a PC/Laptop and obviously it need’s Internet else there is no point in using laptop. At the same time the question rises which browser to use to surf through internet. Today we have at least one default browser on our pc but does it really serve your needs, well that’s a big question. But if you ask me i would suggest you to use Dolphin Browser for PC. Are you thinking why? then check out the article

You can use dolphin on your PC and the method that I will share here will work for free and easily on your Windows computer.

Dolphin is an android platform based web browser downloaded and used by millions of users around the world. It is the real competition to the popular browsers like Opera and Chrome. Most of the people on android prefer dolphin browser because it opens the website very quickly due to its ability to compress webpage to a considerable amount and gives you the best experience to browse and search the web.

Dolphin Browser For PC

Dolphin Browser for PC is one of the most interesting browsers in Google Play that will enable you to fully experience and enjoy in all games available in Google Play. It has highly interactive interface and provides support for Last Pass while syncing onto bookmarks for Google. If you use this browser you will be able to use gesture and voice-based navigation. read this Momentum Camera for PC

Dolphin Browser for PC is not the first in speed when it comes to Google Play browsers, but it compensates for lack in this section with additional quality and versatile choice of add-ons that include custom agents and gestures that enable you to download both desktop and mobile web page versions. While other browsers have added some of the Dolphin features onto them, Dolphin has stayed ahead of competition thanks to adding interesting elements that have highly improved its overall performance quality.

Dolphin Browser features

When you download Dolphin Browser on Android first idea can be that user interface is basic and simple. You will see tabs that will enable you to open many websites by simply taping on the plus sign. What’s spectacular about that right?! But hang in with us-you will discover that you can incredibly quickly and easy go through all the opened pages by simply swapping over individual windows. This ease and swiftness of reaction is something you will not experience while doing the same action in, for example, Firefox, Chrome or Maxton.
Taping from left to right will provide you access to available bookmarks that are set there by default-but you can remove them as you like. If you start from the right side, you will see available themes and add-ons, so you can quickly and easily change your browser appearance as you like!

Add-ons enable you to fully enjoy and make the best of customization. You have available

  • SpeedTest
  • LastPass
  • Evernote
  • Web to Pdf
  • Amazon Search

Another attractive quality is Dolphin Connect that enables you to synchronize your bookmarks for all of your mobile devices, with your PC.

Gesture- or Voice-enabled Navigation

Gestures on Dolphin Browser is feature that enable you to design symbols for actions you often perform. When you tap onto designed symbol, certain action will be performed. For example, if you choose circle as a symbol for page refresh, when you click on your drawn circle, certain page will be refreshed. You will get 8 predesigned gestures to get an idea what you can do, and then you can let your imagination loose: start creating your own gestures for variety of functions and settings.

Dolphin Browser comes with Sonar, attractive feature for navigation, you can access through Dolphin.
Dolphin Browser is equipped with deeply thought-through add-ons that will improve your browsing experience on PC. For example, Dolphin Webzine brings you various publications available online-all on the one page, accessible through thumbnail display. You choose individual thumbnail to read through news feed of certain publication, getting all the basic new info in it. Neat, swift and informative at the same time.

Battery Saver feature in Dolphin enables you to keep on working for longer time by turning on energy saving tricks such as dimming the screen light and turning on sleep mode. Dolphin Browser provides solid and quality performance and it actually feels more reliable than some other browsers, but it doesn’t crash-and we all know how frustrating this can be

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Although Dolphin isn’t the fastest browser, it provides excellent balance of performance and elements, making it one of the best browser choices for your PC. Give it a try to decide if this is the the browser you have been waiting for your entire life! If you are primarily fan of a speed, it will not be your number one choice, but in all the other aspects, we are sure you will be thrilled.

Features of Dolphin Browser for Windows PC

Well there are so many cool features available but these are few specs i would like to focus on.

  • It has smart and simple user interface that will let you do anything quite easy and does not need to look any user guide.
  • It is fast and reliable and also saves a lot of data as it loads web pages in a compressed format.
  • Users can use speed dialing to locate the most visited sites can also keep bookmarked. The sites can be found through the history section too.
  • There are almost all the features included within which a browser must have and you will be interesting to her.
  • Best gaming and video experience with flash player enabled only with Dolphin
  • Download files with lightning speed. You can also download HTML5 and Flash videos from buzzfeed, Vine, Hulu and more with our add-ons.
  • Tweet, Post to Facebook, grab any content and share them, or save it directly to Evernote.
  • Customize theme colors and wallpapers to make Dolphin your own
  • This new Dolphin web browser offers access to the most popular web sites so you never have to leave the browser.
  • And many more

Why Dolphin When We have Opera Chrome and  Firefox?

  1.  Button placement and navigational components also affect how easily and quickly you can surf the Web. Well the browsers have good interface but dolphin has elegant interface.
  2. Dolphin is super fast with its impressive test results, taking an average of 964.9 milliseconds to complete the SunSpider JavaScript test. It’s almost 400 ms faster than Firefox and speedier than both Chrome and Opera.
  3. Dolphin’s Sonar voice-control tool and Gesture shortcuts .
  4. User can directly go to pages such as YouTube or Google by just drawing the letter Y or G respectively (you can assign your own letters), especially when we were in a hurry.
  5. Dolphin provides cross-platform compatibility and lets you sign in with more pre-existing accounts. And i also like its page-push feature.

How to Download and Install Dolphin Browser for Windows 7,8,8.1 Computer/PC 

Now in this part I’m sharing the installation process through which you have to go through and believe me you will not encounter any problems what so ever and if none is found then leave it in the comments section below and I’ll sort out as quickly as possible.

  1. Open BlueStacks App Player on your Windows PC .
  2. Make sure that you’ve logged in using your Gmail address, if not, then go to settings -> accounts and login with Gmail.(This is necessary to activate the Google Playstore on BlueStacks)
  3. Now come back to the home screen in BlueStacks.
  4. Use the Search button and type “Dolphin browser ”.
  5. As soon as you find it, install Dolphin browser using Google Play Store in BlueStacks.
  6. Open it and download the files.

Steps to Install Dolphin Browser for MAC 

Safari browser is good for mac no doubt about it but Dolphin for mac is awesome because you can enjoy android features on mac. Now check out how to do.

Running Android Apps on mac becomes hard and cumbersome so for better experience you need to have an emulator to run, so we are going to use Bluestacks Android emulator for mac.

  1. First you have to download and install bluestacks emulator for MAC from here
  2. Next make a quick search for “Dolphin browser” game and click to install it.
  3. Now the app will automatically be installed after getting downloaded.
  4. Later the app is installed and icon can be seen in Menu.
  5. Finally you can start browsing and enjoy the power of internet.
  6. That’s it .

Steps to Install Dolphin Browser for Android

Well this is simple and frankly speaking you don’t need a guide to do this.

  1. Go to google play store.
  2. Sign-in with a Google account.
  3. In the search box type for “Dolphin browser” you will be directed to Official Android version download page
  4. This app is free so you will find a install option click on it.
  5. That’s it the app will be downloaded and installed in no time.
  6. As simple as that.

Final Word

Dolphin browser is constantly tweaked and improved. Latest version comes with sharpened and visually improved unser interface. Menus come with interesting backlight in fluorescent green and sidebar on the left provides quick access to important functions (for example, to settings), find button and bookmarking with just one click. On the right side, settings button is moved to make space for very graphic and visually appealing tabs.

Dolphin Browser For PC—Disclaimer for Visitors

Thank you very much for visiting our website ( and especially downloading the (Dolphin Browser For PC). However, we are not responsible for proper functioning of the software on your Laptop or PC (Windows or Mac). The possible reason may be not follow the instructions as given by our file, may be blocking your antivirus that consider it virus or malware or adware.
However, we tested many times on different platforms and according to our team it is working fine before uploading to the cloud storage system. (Dolphin Browser For PC) is very popular among the users and they are very confident to use of this and still not reported any bug except some patches that been rectified within 24 hours.

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