How To Use Vellum On A PC & Full Download New Version?

How To Use Vellum On A PC … The Comprehensive Guide To Using The World’s Best Formatting Software Without The Expense Of Buying A Mac!

Vellum For PC When I started self-publishing, my first headache was working out how I was going to format my stories and get them ready for publishing on Kindle, Kobo, Google, Barnes and Noble and all the other outlets that indie authors use.

Because I’m a little bit geeky, I was able to make my books look great by playing around with the HTML code.

But that took me a long time it was a very haphazard way to work … and frankly I was always on the lookout for something better.

I listen to a lot of podcasts, read many blog posts and consume a lot of books on writing and when I started hearing people talk about the Vellum software I was frustrated to hear that you could only use it on a Mac.

You see, a couple of years ago I bought a MacBook Air and decided that we didn’t really get on together.

How To Use Vellum On A PC

I struggled with my workflow on a Mac, kept at it for six months or so and then decided to give it to my wife and return to a regular PC.

When I heard so many self-published authors saying that Vellum was great – dead easy to format books – and that it was a huge timesaver – I started to get frustrated that the software wasn’t available to use on my PC.

Macs are expensive and can be a bit frustrating for PC users and it’s a lot of money to spend just to be able to access one piece of software however good it is!

Time and time again I heard indie authors saying how great Vellum was but that PC users couldn’t access it and I even heard interviews with the creators of the software saying that they had no intention of making it available on PCs.

Then one day I remembered a service I’d used some time ago when I was building software services of my own and it occurred to me that it might work with the Vellum software.

So I dug through my old emails, reminded myself what it was called, logged into my old account and took Vellum out for a spin.

To my great delight I found out that it’s really easy to use on a regular PC.

All you need to do is to access a service known as MacInCloud – which you can run on your regular PC or laptop – and you’re away – you can actually use MacInCloud without having to buy an Apple device.

When I discovered how easy this was to do, I created a blog post on my blog at, and I shared it on social media, via my podcast and with all the indie authors that I know.

This was such a game changer that I wanted to shout about it from the rooftops so that no self-published author ever had to go through the struggles that most of us have to endure to format our books.

I had a lot of views on that blog post, and I’m delighted to say that many people have shared it in forums, Facebook groups and on social media.

But every now and then, somebody will get in touch who needs a little bit more help than I can give in that fairly rapid demonstration video.

That’s why I decided to create a detailed training programme called How To Use Vellum On A PC.

The training videos walk you step-by-step through the entire process from accessing and installing – then setting up MacInCloud – to selecting the best cloud-based service to use to move files seamlessly and quickly from your virtual Mac environment to your own PC.

I also give a walk-through of how to use Vellum in the virtual Mac environment, save the mobi and Epubfiles, then move them over to your regular PC machine so that they can be uploaded to Kindle, Kobo, Google, Barnes & Noble and the rest.

Vellum Download for PC

I put absolutely every step that there is into this training programme so that nobody needs to go rushing off to buy a Mac and everybody – and that includes all PC users with a reasonably up-to-date system – can access this fabulous software without having to disrupt their author business.

Vellum is quite simply the best formatting software that I’ve come across so far as a self-published author and believe me I really have tried them all, from the free tools to the paid options, nothing is as easy, classy or as speedy as Vellum.

By the way, I should say that this training is not sponsored by – or endorsed by – the creators of the software, or by MacInCloud … neither does it involve cheats or hacks.

I use a fully licensed version of the software – it’s such a good tool, why wouldn’t I want to pay the creators to use it? It saves hours of my time!

An even better, Vellum now has a software option for paperback books!

I believe that this is a complete game-changer for the self-publishing industry.

In the past I’ve formatted my own paperback books and it’s a job that I absolutely hate.

It’s time-consuming, fiddly, technical and I’m usually left wanting to tear my hair out after spending hours and hours trying to tame the eccentricities of a very long Word document.

I’ve also paid to have my paperback books formatted and that’s a much better option but it’s expensive and I’m paying up to a hundred dollars per book.

It took me five minutes of trying Vellum on PC to decide that I was going to buy the software outright because I was instantly convinced of its time-saving benefits and the quality of the e-books that allowed me to put out.

And now, with the paperback version, there really is little choice for independent authors, it’s got to be Vellum every time.

Vellum software for PC or laptop

The good news is that if you own a PC or laptop that runs on Windows you no longer have to be left out in the cold.

You can access the Vellum software to format your books as mobi or EPUB files – and now in paperback format – without having to get involved in buying a brand-new Mac with all the associated expense that goes with that.

Please help yourself to my free walk-through video and I hope that you will find enough information in their to enable you to start using Vellum on your own PC.

But if you do need that little extra bit of help, the video training programme is there with all the step-by-step technical demonstrations that you will need to be using this amazing piece of game-changing software within the next hour.

I’ve kept the price really low so that so that nobody has to be excluded from this deal – all PC users can now get stuck in and see what they’ve been missing!

So get started straight away .. check my walk-through video for free then try out Vellum for yourself.

By the way, if you haven’t used Vellum before, it comes ready installed in MacInCloud so that you can actually take it out for a spin before parting with any cash.

It’s only when you actually need to format the book and produce the EPUB or mobi files that you have to pay, you get a really good chance to take this out for proper spin before you’re committed to spending money.

I really do urge you as the self-published author of several books now to give Vellum try… I have put most of the formatting software products through their paces and this is the one that I settled on within minutes of using it it’s that good.


Before long you’ll see that there’s no looking back when you use this software and you will soon be joining all those Mac users in enthusing about Vellum.

You soon be wondering how you ever managed to format your books without it.

So save time, frustration and energy by using the amazing Vellum software on your existing PC without having to upgrade to expensive new kit or completely disrupt your author workflow.

This is how I format my own books this is not theory, this is what I do every time I publish a brand-new book.

Enter the incredible world of Vellum today and experience the effortless book formatting that was previously only available to users of Macs.

Vellum For PC—Disclaimer for Visitors

Thank you very much for visiting our website ( and especially downloading the Vellum For PC. However, we are not responsible for proper functioning of the software on your Laptop or PC (Windows or Mac). The possible reason may be not follow the instructions as given by our file, may be blocking your antivirus that consider it virus or malware or adware.
However, we tested many times on different platforms and according to our team it is working fine before uploading to the cloud storage system.Vellum For PC is very popular among the users and they are very confident to use of this and still not reported any bug except some patches that been rectified within 24 hours.

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